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the Slog Begins, Overshoes and Niner Thinking

04 Nov 2009 at 17:58

It seems the looong winter slog has begun, and from experience it looks like this one's going to be mostly wet.

today I was sporting a pair of overshoes with my summer Mavic Razors underneath and they performed superbly, my feet, while still wet, remained on the warm side of cold, I wish I'd known that these things worked so well, I presumed they'd be a bit crappy, but no, 25quid, toasty feat, easy to clean, they seem ok so far, I expect in temperatures lower than 5 degrees there might be an issue with the non-insulated summer SPD shoe letting cold transfer though the sole, but today they were spot on. Quite Ironically, 30mins after getting home a pair of Shimano MW80 winter boots arrived, but it's good to have options, I'll compare the two and report back as to my findings, at 25quid or so and easier to clean/dry the overshoes are currently winning, although they do a look a bit like moonboots.

The Niner is still performing impressively, I'm getting used to the back end freaking out in the lean, but it's kind of fun, now I want to try the Scandium version to see what that;s like (and it comes in VERY VERY NICE BLUE (I'll post a picture in a bit), oh now you've got me thinking about one of those and a pr of those crazy Niner carbon forks... you people are a bad influence.

Today, despite more rain and everything being underwater scored a tick in the "WIN" box, hooray.

The People Comment: (8 responses)

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19:17 04 Nov

If it's really cold and wet then I use winter boots AND overshoes :)


19:44 04 Nov

holy cow!
yeah I guess I get cold toes in super cold (if it's wet/puddly) but not sure I could cope with feet that big!

I have a plan for boots in the cold, overshoes in the wet.

yesterday was crazy, sealskinz have made their mid light socks VERY baggy almost no structure to hold them against the leg so they slide down Nora Batty style and the 'baggy' bit filled up with water, to the point it was pumping out of the top when I pedalled.

Terrible backwards step for those, I'll have to use some tape to keep them tight.


19:56 04 Nov

I can't stand sealskinz socks.

This winter I will be wearing Endura Stealthlite waterproof tights, merino socks, winter boots and overshoes :)

Need to get an Endura Stealth jacket as well but I have no money.


23:00 04 Nov

They are very expensive jackets, I have a 30 quid Aldi one and think it's ace.


08:13 05 Nov

Overshoes are great when there is no pushing or walking involved. However, when there is, they are shite.

They pop off toes and wear out in less than 10 rides.


08:13 05 Nov

Oh and Sealskinz suck too.

Good merino socks under summer shoes are better.


11:39 05 Nov

Never had moonboots before? It's a fetching look for sure. Like Dan says, incentive not to walk. My 8 quid Aldi gillet is ace too.


12:17 05 Nov

My 8 quid gillet is my most worn item of clothing, so good when the zip broke I asked my mum to put a new one in, so now it's even better!

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