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What a Difference a Day Makes

08 Aug 2008 at 12:42

24 little hours.

Wow.. I'll say it again, Wow!

I was totally unprepared for what I found on today's ride. I noticed that Trio mentioned lots of water on this side of the hill yesterday, but I couldn't work that out, it didn't rain heavily down here in the village, so I just let the information wash over me.

It didn't take too long to remember, when I hit the paths around Rivington this morning...... EVERYTHING and i *mean* EVERYTHING had been blown apart by water. AICR - ripped apart lower down, upper sections covered in tonnes and tonnes of lose stones, path from the pike - top section like riding in the bottom of a fish tank, the 'S' covered in fist sized lose rocks and more patches of gravel. Climb up the other side of the Pike - lower section covered in various sizes of rocks and lose gravel, upper section, big lose stones and medium gouges. ICR (didn't go down this) but from the looks of it.. if you rode it in the last week it'll be entirely different and pretty sketchy.. I base this on the fact that from the bottom of it to over 300m down the road from the car part was stewn with fist sized rocks. I've never seen so much change in the terrain in a little under 24 hours.

Pretty much nothing's escaped being re-modeled by gallons of rainwater.

Most of the corners are blow out, gouged to hell or covered in deep piles of rocks, stones, gravel and silt.

School climb seems to just about escaped, though, but I expect Jon's 200yrds has been shredded.

I had to re-learn a lot of my ordinary route, as all the lines had changed, or needed more concentration to a gravel-surfing avoid disaster.

43.0 (12.4avg)

The People Comment: (8 responses)

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15:48 08 Aug

Bloody hell, sounds like carnage, wonder what winterhill descent is like now it was already pretty mangled (but fun).


16:35 08 Aug

It'll be dead, probably, I've not been there for over a year, it just became too stop start, splat, splat, stop, slow, splat, and then riding back up was a nightmare.


17:14 08 Aug

With the amount of water on the roads I'm not suprised! I'm getting used to the trails changing all the time now!


18:11 08 Aug

I've done it a few times the last cpl months and upto last week it was rocky/broken but dry, fast and furious on a FS, bit hairy on a HT tho. Climb back up was fine, nice sit and spin.


18:21 08 Aug

Oh, yeah on a geared bike it'll be easy, probably. I've never done that, but singlespeed you have limited lines.

I just can't be bothered doing it, as I've never enjoyed the descent and less so when it's all buggered up like the past few years.


21:48 08 Aug

I'm surprised there was carnage, hardly saw any rain here. Bizarre!


22:14 08 Aug

Matt there are other ways to climb back up, either the road of a path. Both are fine on a ss! I've never rode up the belmont descent. I love it by the way!


22:37 08 Aug

I know there are other way's back, but the only reason I use the Dan Marino is to climb back up.

Plus.. the road's a shortcut.

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