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  • (TOC) 10640.04 miles
  • (TR) 114.56 miles
  • (TA) 10884.8 miles

Riding in 2007

  • Offroad Riding - 8365.93 miles [300]
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Le jour de deux Mechanicals

13 Feb 2008 at 15:51

Bonjour, aujourd'hui J'├ętais malheureux*

Another really warm day, not sure I like this, I completely burnt out.

A bit of a change in route today, given the dry weather I took in the climb to the two lads and onto the mast, not bad, the 29er wheels seem to quite like that path, despite it being in a terrible state thanks to the numpties that insist on using it when it's 2 inches of sloppy mud, at least I got to ride it when it was in it's prime back in '05.

First mechanical of the day happened about the half way mark when the end of the rear skewer snapped clean off... Miraculously I *had* a skewer in my bag, what are the chances of that? I know I put that in there about 2 years ago when I snapped another skewer, thankfully I never clean out my camelbak.

I was soon powering along again, down to the bottom and back up school climb, did that reasonably fast. then coming down again, I hit a rock, PING! casing the tyre, two turns later and though the very eroded driveway section, DING DING DING, **DING**, 4 casings and, the last feeling very sharp and - yes - a front pinchflat.. damn stupid idea using rigids around here nowadays.

Fixed that, got bored, rode home. 28.5miles, not a 30 like I like to get on weekdays, but I'd lost 18mins fixing things and I've a lot of work to do.

Time to hunt out those Deore skewers I know I have somewhere. I can rely on those.

*Thanks iGoogle

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17:00 13 Feb

Who breaks skewers???


18:01 13 Feb

Me, because I operate outside the law, or something.

Brant Richards

21:31 13 Feb

I've heard it before - this is with a chaintug on our slot dropout frame yeah?

I've had it happen on mine, but only when I adjusted chain tension by pulling the squewer back with the bolts without loosening the QR first ;-)


22:01 13 Feb

I wonder if it's to do with the skewer being one of those that releases clamping force a little bit when you've gone over the cam.


09:27 14 Feb

The skewers are meant to do that aren't they? It's to stop them coming undone easily.


09:30 14 Feb

Yes, but some skewers do it more than others, some go tight and drop back a little, some drop back a lot. The PX ones drop back a lot.

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