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Bicycle Obsession

Goin' Crazy in 2009

  • Offroad Riding - 13002.72 miles [289]
  • Aborted Riding - 61.00 miles [3]
  • Turbo Trainer - 33.70 miles [3]
  • (TOC) 13063.72 miles
  • (TA) 13097.42 miles

Hurtin' in 2008

  • Offroad Riding - 10602.84 miles [300]
  • Turbo Trainer - 130.20 miles [8]
  • Running - 114.56 miles [24]
  • Aborted Riding - 37.20 miles [2]
  • (TOC) 10640.04 miles
  • (TR) 114.56 miles
  • (TA) 10884.8 miles

Riding in 2007

  • Offroad Riding - 8365.93 miles [300]
  • Road Riding - 3599.80 miles [70]
  • Turbo Trainer - 50.90 miles [3]
  • (TOC) 11965.73 miles
  • (TA) 12016.63 miles

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Current Gems

  • 2004 Pink Surly 1x1
  • 2000 Kona Kaboom
  • 2006 Santa Cruz Chameleon





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Mercury Rising.

12 Feb 2008 at 13:45

Erm... far be it for me to complain, but how the *heck* is it 15 degrees (possibly even more in the sun) on the 12th of February?

It's half term here, and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was actually Easter with all the people walking around the hill in short sleeves. I had to strip down to just one think long sleeved top, as it was just so warm.

I can only think that these temperatures this early in the year isn't a good thing... but, whilst it's here I'm glad I come back from rides almost as clean and dry as when set off.

30.5mls (12.9avg) | Dry, V Warm *15°c), Sunny, Light Hard Breeze

The People Comment: (7 responses)

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14:59 12 Feb

I may possibly have sat outside the Black Dog for an hour and had 3 pints and a bacon cheeseburger :)


15:17 12 Feb

Where's the Black Dog?



15:23 12 Feb

Belmont, just before climbing back over the Rivi road.


15:28 12 Feb

Oh yeah, 3 pints then a 50mph descent.. nice!


15:39 12 Feb

Oh yeah! Must check the GPS to see how fast I went (didn't seem very fast)...

48.5mph - pathetic.


15:53 12 Feb

Is it really that dry up rivi? I'd have thought all the wet we've had the last few months would take more than a couple of days to dry up. I may finally take out the new boingy bike then.


16:02 12 Feb

Yup, bone dry, Rivi drains and drys really fast, it's just it gets really wet really quickly too because there's no trees anymore.

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