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Ride : 15th Jan 08

15 Jan 2008 at 14:48

Amazingly it wasn't pouring like a watering can today, so I hopped on the bike and off I set.

New pads in front, backing plates in the rear - I figured that, being a weekday, there's likely to be less need for emergency braking so I can just use some natural slowing techniques - waggling the bike, riding over the rougher bits of trail, gates...

First thing that was immediately apparent was that my 01 Fox Vanillas are no very dead, I could tell that on sunday really, when I turned the bike upside down and a couple of film cansiter's worth of grey oil and water pumped out of the spring side leg. Thankfully a pair of Reba SL's will be on their way to me soon.

It was also apparent that today was going to be hard, as I almost reached hyperventilation before I'd even reached the top of the road, a nice sturdy wind was, as expected, out to play also.

The trails, amazingly had gotten worse than Saturday, easily another few CM off the top surface, school climb is not officially "HARD WORK" again, something it's not been for quite a while. There was one period where I was wheel spinning half a revolution per crank turn as I battled across some of the inch deep sloppy grass parts.

The worst part of all of this was the sore back I'm getting from being battered by the roughness of the trails and the need to put a lot of extra effort into getting any meaningful forward movement.

31.8 (12.4avg) | Sunny, Drizzle, Wind, 6°, Very very very wet and gouged trails.

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16:12 15 Jan

I went out this afternoon, it was like riding through rivers and lakes! No wind at all though which was nice.
Nearly had a big crash on Jon's 200 yards, I cut the corner onto the rocky bit a bit tight (and too fast) and both wheels slid out on some roots but somehow I stayed upright.


16:48 15 Jan

It was windy if you rode fast enough.


17:01 15 Jan

I got my first proper soaking of the year today, so the rai must have been over this side of the Pennines for a change.


17:08 15 Jan

> It was windy if you rode fast enough.

Are you on crack?

I found out why my rear brake didn't work for the second half of the ride - the rear pads fell apart, just like the front ones did a couple of weeks ago. Bah.


17:35 15 Jan

"Are you on crack?"

no, it was definitely windy for me, I move though the air faster than you, I am probably 30kgs lighter also, therefore it's windy for ME.

Cyclist Wind.

Oh and those pads, my front ones fell apart too, probably a good half mm of pad just slid off. (not so) Superstar Again.


17:46 15 Jan

I wasn't disputing the fact it was windier for you, just the fact you can change the windspeed by riding faster :)


18:10 15 Jan

I'm awesome, I can make it rain too.. it seems.


18:32 15 Jan

The sooner you move to the Americas the better. The weather might improve here then :)


18:40 15 Jan

Yeah, but that won't be until at least 2010/11, so, erm, yeah, maybe I'll be pushing daisies by then.


08:45 18 Jan

Sorry about using a comment to ask this but I don't have your e-mail and, like the A-Team, you may be the only person who can help!

I know you have a room in your house full of bikes, bits and associated gumpf. I have a friend who is looking for a pair of rigid forks with a 1" steerer to go on an old Orange frame and I thought that in your collection you may have such a thing that you would be willing to sell him.

In fact, he may be interested in an forks with a 1" steerer as the current RockShox compress but are distinctly lacking in the rebound department!

If not, that's cool and I apologise for this rude intrusion! If so, name your price!

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