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Pop Goes the Weasel

12 Sep 2007 at 15:36 Filed Under:

Collected my 5th pinchflat on the KHS today, actually, could be my 6th. I'm averaging one per week at the moment, or should that be 1 every 4 rides.

It's probably more to do with th tyre than the bike, but as the bike can only fit a continental 2.3 in (or in english a 2.1), then I can blame the bike. I wasn't even aware I'd hit anything until the back end went mushy, althought I might have heard something if the back of the bike didn't rattle so damn loudly.. stupid bike.

28.4miles (12 avg) | Windy, HOT, Sunny.

Working things out I think I only need some cross tyres to make the pompino up, if I steal parts from other bikes, and use some Diacompe (three numbers like 547) brakes (until I get something better). This is after I've orders a front hub and some spokes. Which I was going to do today, but my man at the shop's not in.

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17:09 12 Sep

DH Tubes? No, not for the Pompino!


17:12 12 Sep

Actually, I have a couple of those somewhere, stupid valves, but could be worth a try, maybe I will swap the tyre too. I have a fire xc pro somewhere.


17:16 12 Sep

If it's canti brake levers you're after, I have some I ended up not using that you can have for cheap. I'm using my roadie v brake levers though, so you can't have those.


17:27 12 Sep

I have the levers, some nice Shimano things, (R400?)
got everything really, I just have to wait for spokes, and find a headset from somewhere, I have many of these, but I have many more boxes filled with many bits, so god knows where these things are ;)


09:40 13 Sep

"fire xc pro" - You mean the one with the completely useless anti-snakebite thing in it?

That said, I never got bitten by snakes when I was using them...


20:31 13 Sep

Could your increased pinch flatting have been bought about by the tiny bit of bounce and you going a bit quicker.

Thicker sidewalled tyres and or running tubeless would seem to be worth a pop...


20:40 13 Sep

TUBELESS!!! LMFAO!!! only fools use them

also.. there is no bounce, as the back's locked out, it's because the rear tyre's too thin, the back of the ibke's geometry tends to dig-in too, unless you're out of the saddle then it just jumpy all over the place (probably because you have to run a thin/hard tyre)

yadda yadda.

I was going 20mph ish, and the path was mostly cobbles, and is rougher this year because of the rain.


22:38 13 Sep

Strangely downhillers seem to use tubeless to avoid pinch punctures....


22:42 13 Sep

Everyone I know that's used tubeless ends up using tubes.

Plus its freaking expensive.


23:47 13 Sep

I have tubeless on the back of the 222. It's ace :)

Expensive if you fsck the rim up though.

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