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Bicycle Obsession

Goin' Crazy in 2009

  • Offroad Riding - 13002.72 miles [289]
  • Aborted Riding - 61.00 miles [3]
  • Turbo Trainer - 33.70 miles [3]
  • (TOC) 13063.72 miles
  • (TA) 13097.42 miles

Hurtin' in 2008

  • Offroad Riding - 10602.84 miles [300]
  • Turbo Trainer - 130.20 miles [8]
  • Running - 114.56 miles [24]
  • Aborted Riding - 37.20 miles [2]
  • (TOC) 10640.04 miles
  • (TR) 114.56 miles
  • (TA) 10884.8 miles

Riding in 2007

  • Offroad Riding - 8365.93 miles [300]
  • Road Riding - 3599.80 miles [70]
  • Turbo Trainer - 50.90 miles [3]
  • (TOC) 11965.73 miles
  • (TA) 12016.63 miles

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Riding in 2004

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Current Gems

  • 2004 Pink Surly 1x1
  • 2000 Kona Kaboom
  • 2006 Santa Cruz Chameleon





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A Possible Fix?

11 Sep 2007 at 18:04

Maybe I should swap all the components over from the Roadster to a cheap Ribble frame like this

or.. second idea is to swap them over to a cross frame, use that over the winter, then get a road bike in the summer. Ribble and Planet X both do cheap CX frames... however I'd need to spend money on brakes, could be fun though... and winter's going to be pretty grim this year.

The People Comment: (21 responses)

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18:10 11 Sep

You could use your pompino for the winter.
If you want to run gears then I'd suggest getting a frame that will take mudguards rather than a full on race frame. I quite fancy one of THESE


18:35 11 Sep

f-me that's ugly.

Can't I run a crud catcher on a cross frame?


18:35 11 Sep

anyway that planet x takes guards... or should do.


19:10 11 Sep

> f-me that's ugly.

Nice frame, ugly build. Looks like someone from stw has built it :(

> Can't I run a crud catcher on a cross frame?

No, I'd have to kill you :)

> anyway that planet x takes guards... or should do.

Yeah, does.


19:11 11 Sep

If you're coming off the Roadster, I suspect you'd find all of those to be shit.

Brakes for a crosser shouldn't cost very much, unless you spend £115 on Paul Components ones like me :)


19:47 11 Sep

Which do you mean, rich? the ribble road will be shit or the cross bike will be shit. I mean the cross bike to be used as a cross bike, and a road bike appear in the spring... so just re-using the groupset from the roadbike on a cross bike and going all new for 08 on the road.

I can't see the ribble road being shitter than the roadster, I dare say it will ride a lot better in the wind. I'd give up half a mph in forward to spend less time going sideways.


20:04 11 Sep

If you're using it as a cross bike, the cross frames will obviously be less shit :)

I reckon you'd find the Ribble a letdown after the Roadster. You'd be going from a reasonably high-end frame, to a mass-produced jobber.

My Ribble is certainly rubbish compared with the Lemond.


20:07 11 Sep

I was banking on it being a bit less crap in the wind. I expect you're right though.

I'll continue looking for something nice, I like the looks of Sunday bikes, round tubes, titanium, not flashy.


20:24 11 Sep

Silk road looks nice.

I can't really imagine you riding a cross bike offroad. If you do though I'll come and watch :)


20:29 11 Sep

Sunday bikes do look nice, except for them being stupidly short.


20:45 11 Sep

Actually the expensive one is almost long enough.


20:57 11 Sep

The 52 or 54 would be fine for me. We're not all freakshaped like you Rich :)


21:14 11 Sep

Phil is freakshaped, I'm just slightly taller than average :)


21:20 11 Sep

The average bear.


21:34 11 Sep

Grant is the BGB, not me :)


23:17 11 Sep

Matt, you have a pompino.

how much clearer could it be?


08:06 12 Sep

I've been wondering the same all the way through.

I have a set of Kogswell 120mm spaced wheels in my garage (double fixed but you can use a freewheel which you can have for a special price.


09:26 12 Sep

[i]Matt, you have a pompino.

how much clearer could it be?[/i]

i thought that too :-)


09:27 12 Sep

sorry, in stw mode :-)


14:31 12 Sep

Sod crossers, you want a proper road bike. Something like a Ducati 1098 should do the trick :)


14:46 12 Sep

I would do, Olly, if it weren't for the fact that motorbikes need to be ridden FAST.

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